Divine Debris by MEENA KAYASTHA
27 Nov 2016

Meena Kayastha's first exhibit " Lyrics from the Junkyard " was applauded by the media and art fraternity alike, with widespread coverage.

The artist's new exhibit, " Divine Debris ", is based on Navadurga goddesses, handcrafted and painted on doors found in the debris left behind in the city of Bhaktapur after the April 25th 2015 earthquake. The doors, which laid lifeless, discarded after the earthquake, once belonged to ancient houses of Bhaktapur.

Debris is discarded - thrown away or sold for a cheap price - no matter the purpose amid life it once served. Many Nepali women live their entire lives without knowing what it is like to be alive.

The new exhibit showcases a series of work created over the year following the 2015 earthquake. Meena gives meaning to what was once discarded. She puts life back in doors from Bhaktapur that had once seen the glory of a Newari craftsmanship. The artist's exhibit also features a number of deities built with leftover scrap metal from the junkyard, a line of Meena's signature style.

Photo : Amar Rai 


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