Change start with onesel

I was on morning walk today. Early at the premises of MALEPATAN area, I got to see trashes and waste materials throwing all over in the open space so called a picnic area near Resham Kheti and Dharapani route. Actually its a beautiful place from where we can view amazing nature, farmlands, jungle, residents and the beautiful mountains. 
I don't know who and why but such a shameless and polluted people came over there in that public place and celebrated themselves throwing garbage everywhere.

I got shocked that the remains of tissue paper was everywhere (actually very large in number)and it was from one of the renowned restaurants of Pokhara so called BUSY BEE. I believe that other people who doensot belong to this restaurants might not have brought that much of paper to spread everywhere on the ground. So, its shameless for them that they came here in the lap of nature and couldnot even maintain the beauty which is also the property of people like us inspite of cleaning it.

And what about the local people over there who could not even notify to clean that area while using it after taking money from them to celebrate picinc over there.
Change start with oneself... at least if you cannot clean the area makesure that you donot throw trashes here and there. Its a message for each and every individual who goes for a picnic in public places and returns back with the remains of THEIR identity leaving back.

// Rohun Shahi Thaluri //

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