Beauty Tips for summers:

1.      Wash your face regularly

Use a mild cleaner to wash your face regularly. It is recommended that you was you face minimum of 4 times in a day. If you do not have very oily skin, then please stay from the cream based cleaners as they tend to make your skin more oily. Also use a gel based scrubber minimum of 2 times in a week, this helps in getting away from the dead and tan skin. Scrubbing also results in smoother and fairer skin.


2. Oil your hair:

Remember what your granny used to say, oil your hair regularly. After oiling, leave oil on your hair for at least an hour, before you rinse it off with the shampoo. To maintain the shine in your hair and to keep dirt away from them, do remember to deep condition them minimum of twice in a week.

3. Use homemade packs to nurture your skin

Homemade packs, they work wonders! You can use a mixture of sandalwood powder, yogurt, and aloe Vera gel and tomato juice to increase the glow on your face and also to clean it.

4. Steps to make sure before you step out

Do keep sunscreen lotion, wet wipes and lip balm in your purse. You should apply the lip balm as frequently as possible; it leaves your lips hydrated. Also, before you go outdoors, do apply sunscreen and if you are out for more than 4 hours, do repeat it.

5. Remain hydrated:

In summers, it is most important you remain hydrated. Drinks loads of water, fresh juices, fruit salads and vegetable salads! These help in cleaning your body from the toxins and also keep you hydrated. Stay away from spicy foods, deep fried foods as they tend to conglomerate lot of oil on your skin. 

6. Stay away from heavy make-up

If you love to do make up, then use lighter shades in summers. These look pleasant and give you an amazing look.

7. Eyes and hair protection

If you work demands you to be outdoors for most of the tine, then make sure, you do not step put without glares. Also wear a scarf to protect your face, eyes and hair.

8. De-tan naturally:

You must try this natural de-tan formula. It works winders. Mix gram-flour (besan) with some curd and add 2-3 drops of lemon and make it a smooth paste. Apply it on your face and remove it after 15 minute with cold water. You will see magic – Cleaner and fairer skin.

Thus, these were the tips to keep your skin healthy during the summers. If you have any doubts, you can write to us in the comments section. We shall definitely revert you!

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