Nephop King : Laure

Native name - आशिष राना मगर

Birth name - Ashish Rana Magar

Also known as Laure

Born- June 25, 1989 (age 28) Pokhara, Nepal
Residence- Pokhara
Height- 5ft 11in
Nationality- Nepalese
Parents- Purna Bahadur Rana
                Chitra Rana
( Text : Chiran Baruwal , Photo : Bhupal K Gurung , Style : Arun Giri )  

Ashish Rana, who is popular among the people named as “Laure” is a local domicile of Pokhara. He was born and educated in Pokhara. He is the eldest son of Purna Bahadur Rana and Chitra Rana.  He completed his school life from the LA Higher Secondary School, then his higher education from Sagarmatha College.
His rapping career began through his song Mero Solta”, the first song he recorded and uploaded from a mobile phone. At the time of his college, his mates thought much of his looks and his physical appearance as that of an army thereby giving him the name “Laure”. Born and raised in Pokhara, he had a great feeling for his birthplace and recorded song named “Pokhara”. This song was loved by all and gained much popularity among pokhreli people. He is well known with the nick name “Laure” in pokhara so; he decided to go with this name.

 He was then called by the “Raw Barz” in which he showed out his outstanding performance and was loved by every youths of Nepal. The most popular line by Laure in the Raw Barz was, “Fuck you, if you think Laure cannot rap in English I am a graduate student nominated in Dean-list. And next time, if you try to create all the hate and debate bitch I am gonna  slap your face with my bachelor’s certificate”.
At first, he was popular by the name Laure among his friends in Pokhara but, after Raw Barz the name Laure became more and more popular among the youths of Nepal.

 He wrote many songs like: “Sabai ho laure”,  “Haude”, “Nephop ko Bato”, “Case no.420”, “Yuddha”, “Banawati”, “Sathi Ho”, and “Jaba Ma Baccha Thiye” and recorded them. His songs clearly show the problems faced by many youths of Nepal; also shows several problems of the Nepalese society.

He was then called for the concert or stage performance throughout the country by which also he gained much popularity and owe the hearts of many people.

 Later on, he got an opportunity to play a lead role in a Nepali film “Tandav”. Currently, he is active as a judge in the Himalayan Roadies.

In a less time, he has achieved much success in his life. He thinks that the prizes, certificates etc he got are not achievement of his life but the love and support he gets from the people is the greatest achievement of his life.

 After much love and support by people, he travelled many places of Nepal for the concert and also travelled many countries like: South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Dubai, India etc for the concert.  He was the most searched for Nepalese celebrity on Google in the year 2013. He is one of the young achiever of Pokhara.

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