MEGA Education Fair 2017: Golden Opportunity to be consulted for abroad studies

After completing +2, most of the students are willing for foreign studies and are in dilemma to choose best consultancy. There are many consultancies in Pokhara but, which one is the best?
Students are confused in choosing the best consultancy; each and every consultancy available in Pokhara is best but among them, one must be chosen by the students.
It takes a long time for the students to visit each and every consultancy for their advices and suggestions.
MEGA Education Fair is the best opportunity for the students to get proper counselling and advices from the best consultancies of Pokhara for abroad study.

The fair provides access to a wide variety of professional educational consultancies, national and international educational institutions along with direct representatives from the participating institutions to provide genuine and reliable information regarding their higher studies in both home and abroad. All in all, the fair provides an excellent opportunity to meet top national and international institutions and educational consultants under one roof.

The fair was conducted on city hall, Pokhara and after visiting the fair, I got genuine counselling from different consultancies. Also, I got an opportunity to meet with the Managing Directors of all the consultancies and interact with them. Different consultancies gave different suggestions for the students who are willing to study abroad.


ONE UP (P) LTD. is the event organize and management committee of Mega Education Fair. Its head office is located in Kathmandu and conducts various events in different places of Nepal. This organization mainly focuses on educational fair and has conducted such fairs in different places of Nepal. In Pokhara educational fair is less conducted so they conducted Mega fair to provide best counselling to the students of Pokhara. In Kathmandu more than 10 educational fair is conducted in a year but in Pokhara not even 3 in a year. So, they choose the best and experienced consultancies of Pokhara that can provide genuine and reliable information for the students and conducted this fair.


Global Reach is the educational consultancy located in Newroad, Pokhara. This consultancy has succeeded in sending many students for abroad study in countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, and USA. Students can get proper guidance and counselling from this consultancy.


KEF is the educational consultancy located at Chipledhunga, Pokhara. This consultancy mainly focuses on countries like Australia and New Zealand. It has been sending students in European countries too. According to the interest and strength of the student, this consultancy helps them to choose the right subject for them and make them success in related subject. Counsellors in this consultancy are the students who are graduated from the overseas universities and are experienced and qualified in related subject. Students are completely unknown about the culture, lifestyle and reading system of foreign countries. KEF teaches students to face any kind of difficulties. “We must struggle with the problems of our life for the way of success”- says Tulsi Raj Kafle, Chief Executive of KEF. KEF has its office in Sydney and Melbourne which makes students feel easy in Australia when they need any help.


Impulse Institute is located in Chipledhunga, Pokhara. This consultancy has been sending many students in Australia. Academic qualification, Economic condition makes students documents strong and this consultancy guides students in the best way with experienced counsellors. In Australia nursing courses is the most demanded subject so, this consultancy is mainly focusing to send students on nursing courses.
In this mega fair counsellors from IHNE (Institute of Health & Nursing) and AIBT (Australia Institute of Business & Technology) were there to provide genuine counselling for the students.


King’s Institute is located in mahendrapool, Pokhara. It has been 10 years providing servies to the students by the King’s Institute and has been succeed in sending students for abroad study in countries like: USA, Australia, UK, Japan and New Zealand. As a long term service and well reputed institute, this institute has a high visa success rate. King’s Institute mainly focus on student’s interest and background and provide guidelines to the students. Experienced counsellors guide the students providing reliable information to them.


This consultancy is located in Chipledhunga, pokhara which has been providing services for23 years and is a well reputed consultancy. This consultancy is sending students for abroad study in Australia. This consultancy has its office in Sydney and Melbourne that helps students in their difficulties. As an excellence of 23 years, this consultancy is offering free processing for outgoing students.

Pacific College of Technology

Pacific college is the college located at Sydney, Australia which is established in 2002 AD. In Mega Fair they are as college representative to give information about their college. To apply for this college students can contact Boston education Services in Pokhara. This college is different from others as the principal of this college is Nepali and can understand the problems of the students in Australia. Students must not face the problem of culture variation as the college is established in Australian lifestyle with Nepali culture.


Global Educational Consultancy has its branches in different parts of Nepal and now it is going to be established in Pokhara too. This consultancy has experience of 22 years service and is trustworthy for the students. “Pokhara needs the genuine counselling as most of the students are unknown about the counselling programs”- says Aarati Sharma, student co-ordinator. Students must choose the consultancy which they can trust.


KIEC is located in Newroad, Pokhara which has experience of 10 years as providing counselling services. KIEC guides students for abroad study in Australia and represents most of the best universities of Australia. Every year they send more than 400 to 500 students to study in Australia.


PAC ASIA is recently established in pokhara and is located in Newroad, Pokhara. This consultancy is established with the objective of sending students for the abroad study by providing them proper guidance. Mainly, it focuses on the career of the students and assists them to meet up their career and help them for success.


Mirai is located in Mahendrapool, Pokhara which is famous for sending students in Japan. This institute sends people in working visa & student visa and has high visa success rate. Counsellors in this institute are experienced and had spent most of their time in Japan; teaches about tradition and culture of Japan.

Oli & Associates is located in zero k.m., pokhara which is a well experienced consultancy for sending students in Australia. This consultancy has its branch offices in more than 7 places of Australia and is succeed in sending people in student visa, tourist visa, and spouse migration. This institute guides students in different way with the experienced counsellors.


Mercy Education is located in Siddhartha chowk, Pokhara which mainly focuses in Australia. It has been 12 years since its establishment and is successful in sending many students. This agency is the main agent of AIBT (Australian Institute of Business & Technology) which gives genuine counselling to the students.


The British Council is the UK's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Mainly, it is a test Centre that takes IELTS exam and publishes result. In this Mega Fair the main purpose of British council is to provide information to students about registration for IELTS, when is the test date and how to register for the IELTS.

Access Education Network Pvt. Ltd is located in chipledhunga, pokhara which is providing service for 4 years in pokhara. This consultancy is mostly renowned for sending students in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. They look up the documents of students; select best country for them and guide them for the success.


The Next Education Consultancy is located in chipledhunga, Pokhara that gives quality advices to the students. They clearly tell students about requirements of their documents and financially strong to apply abroad. If the students are not accepted then also they clearly show out why they are not accepted.


Queensford college is the college of Australia and in this Fair they are as a college representative. Students can have better knowledge and after college they can get entrance to most of the reputed universities as this college has link with most of the universities of Australia. To apply for this college, students can contact Mate’s education in Pokhara.


Third Eye Education is located in chipledhunga, Pokhara providing 9 years of service since its establishment. This consultancy has succeeded sending students in Australia, USA and several European countries. They select the best universities for the students and send them.


Dolphin Education Consultancy is located in chipledhunga, Pokhara which is the first ISO certified company of Nepal. This consultancy has 15 years experience of counselling and is succeed in sending many students for abroad study. Many students went to Australia, USA, China, Canada and Japan from this consultancy. This consultancy is a direct representative of many colleges and universities. Students can get research based counselling rather than business based counselling.

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