“I can never forget my goal against Jordan.”:Bharat Khawas

Bharat Khawas, not a new name in
Nepali football. 23 years old striker
Khawas has scored 8 international goals
for Nepal and he has enough time to
overcome the record of Nirajan
Rayamajhi and Hari Khadka of highest
goal i.e. 15. As per the need, he can
adjust himself in both midfield and
Here, we provide you a short interview of
Bharat Khawas, taken by Anish

1. What is the reason you entered in
Playing Football?
Well, I used to play football from my
childhood, I developed my interest of
playing football from my very young age.
Similarly, my parents also wished to see
me as a footballer.
2. How did you start your
professionalfootbal career?
At first, I was at ANFA academy. After
that, ANFA made a contract to join
Sankata Club. Hence, I started my career
from Sankata Club and then joined
Police and Army.
3. In some major Games, like against
Jordan, india etc. do you feel any
Actually, in such important games,
rather than getting pressurized, I feel
more vigorous and energetic. I take it as
a golden opportunity to showcase the
capacity of our game. So, I guess taking
those games as a pressure is making own
very weak mentally.
4. What is the difference between
Graham Roberts and Jack Stafenoski?
Hmm…I found Graham Roberts a bit
more strict. However, Jack Stafenoski
was not no strict.
5. Which is your best player and why?
I like Chelsea striker Didier Drogba.
I like his finishing skills. He has perfect
scoring power.
6. Which football moment you can never
There are many. Nevertheless, the
moment when I scored against Jordan in
second leg was the moment to remember
in my whole life. Really, I enjoyed that
moment very much.
7. How does it feel to hear cheers of
supporters? In every match thousands
of supporters
rushed to stadium to cheer, how to you
feel at that moment?
Yes, we feel very motivated from the
supporters. It gives us more strength.
Supporters also have capacity to change
the game. So, I personally feels great to
have such supporters.
8. What do you think is your weakest
I think my scoring power is comparatively
weaker. Therefore, I am working to
improve my finishing.
9. What should be done to develop Nepali
At first, there should be enough football
grounds with necessary facilities. In
addition this, international exposure is
very necessary. ANFA should be active
and should be able to manage as many
as international friendlies. Similarly,
grassroots programs are also to be
10. What do you want to say to nepali
and young talents of the country?
We have many talented player in Nepal.
They can do 100 times better than now.
However, we need similar supports and
loves from the
And for young talents, I want to say
them to work hard. They are the future
national heroes. They can take our
country to top level.

‘Thank You for your cooperation
Mr.Bharat Khaws.’

“My Pleasure” Khawas.


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