" Rituharuma Timi Hariyali Basanta hau " – Arun Thapa || A Legend Of Nepali Music

Arun Thapa (1954-1999) was a popular singer of Nepal. He is one of the greatest music icons of Nepal. Arun Thapa was born in Calcutta, India in Jan 1954. His father was Ganju Thapa Magar. He started his singing career 39 years ago,when he first sang his song in Radio Nepal in 1971.

He had launched two music albums Arun and The best of Arun Thapa. Both of the albums were very popular among the Nepalese music listeners. His songs like Ritu haruma timi hariyali basanta hau.., bhulu bhulu lagyo malai… have touched the heart of millions Nepali music lovers.

According to the survey done by BBC, his song “Ritu hauram timi” ranked seventh spot in the world greatest music. Most of his songs are of tragic flavor. Some of his most popular songs are” Ritu haruma timi.., Jati maya laye pani…, Bhulu bhulu lagyo malai…, Chot k ho betha k ho….

 Most of his songs have a soft touch to them, depicting tragic life of the lover. His fluency in singing is something that has to be encountered and appreciated in Nepali music. He is among the very few people with quantitatively less number of songs but achieved such a feat in this music industry because of his comfortable and healing vocal. His songs are liked by not only youngster but also by people of all ages.

The Great icon and Popular Singer of Nepal, Arun Thapa died in Wednesday evening inKathmandu, at July 22. He was at the age of 47 when he died. Arun Thapa had long been suffering from lung and liver ailment.

His contribution in the Nepali music is remarkable and inspires many Nepalese singers in the field of music. Even though he is not with us right now but his contribution to Nepali music will be remembered forever and ever and will remain in the heart of music lovers. We, the Nepalese people, should salute such a great legend of Nepali music Arun Thapa, who has given a lot of contributions in promoting the Nepali music.


He first started singing at his college where he fell in love with a girl. They ran away from the college to Kathmandu. Mostly, all his songs were in memory of their relationship. He recorded many songs but his career started from super hit song Jati Maya Laye Pani where he received public affection. Before being a popular singer, he had worked in Nepal Bank Limited. Deep Shrestha was his best friend. They would always hang around together. He first sang his song in Radio Nepal in 1971.


  • Ritu Haruma Timi
  • Sajhko Jun Sangai
  • Chot Ke Ho Byatha Ke Ho
  • Jati Maya Laae Pani
  • Bhulu Bhulu Lagyo Malai
  • Aankhako Need Khosi Lane
  • Jindagi Ke Chaa Ra Aakhir
  • Aru Sanga Najokha Malai
  • Dosh Kasailaai Dina Chahhanna
  • Timi Herchhau Bhane
  • Yo Manko Ke Bhar Hunchha
  • Na Pohkine Na Jokhine
  • Mero Haath Na Badha (Last Recorded song)


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