The Journey Of Nepal born Hollywood Actor Jaswant

GYS: What made you want to become an actor?

God placed a desire in my heart to act since I was young. I’ve always had
my dreams, and being an actor was always one of my most important ones. My passion for drama grew stronger when I realized that acting was my calling in life.
Believe it or not, my inspiration comes from the Bollywood movie star Mithun Chakraverty, after watching him I wanted to be like him. And that was it. I never changed my mind about it and probably never will no matter what.

GYS: Is the film/entertainment business really how we would imagine and how you see it in movies? Competitive, reckless, full of sex and drama? Or are you able to find genuine, real people as well who do what they do just for the art of it?
The Entertainment business is very challenging. I would say the most challenging of all. You have to be very strong, every step you take you are being judged and rejected left and right. There are genuine real people as well in the industry but they are unfortunately very hard to come by.

GYS: What inspires you?

Great performances I see on Film & TV inspire me. People inspire me. I
keep thinking what would it be like to be that person. Challenging myself. I always try to excel and create more challenges for myself to grow as a persona and as an actor.

GYS: What keeps you going even during hard times?

My love for Art keeps me going. I have to fulfill my childhood dream, I
have a goal I need to accomplish – that’s what keeps me going.

GYS: What’s your end-vision for yourself and your career? Where do you see yourself in 3/5/10 years from now? And how are you planning specifically on getting there?
My vision of my career is working till I have to draw my last breath. In 3/5 years I see myself working on American TV shows and movies. In 10 years I see myself as a very respected Actor/Filmmaker.

GYS: What is the best medium you would say that helps you foster your career? Networking, acting classes, etc.?
Studying acting and creating my own projects is key. It keeps your creative juices going. I don’t like to be that actor who is waiting and waiting for someone to give you an opportunity. I like to make things happen.

GYS: Where were you born? What do your parents do?
I was born in Lalitpur Nepal. And o wow… how did I get to America? I wanted to study Acting at UCLA but was denied a visa multiple times. So, I was very heart broken and I went to work and learn filmmaking in India. Years down the road I ended up producing, starring and directing a feature documentary called Heavenly Place Manang, which went on to being a huge success in Nepal and at many International film festivals around the world including the New York Independent Film and Video Festival. I started to travel around Europe with this film and got invited by the New York Independent Film and Video Festival, then the US embassy finally decided to give me the visa. That’s how I got here to Hollywood.

GYS: Do you have any message for your fans/aspiring actors?

Yes, I would like to thank my fans for loving my work and me. And I would
like to, furthermore, suggest to aspiring actors that please don’t come into this profession if you just want fame and money. Come for the love of Art. The industry is always looking for new faces and you could be the one that makes it big.

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