Timilai - AROGYA | Nepali Rock Pop Song 2018
14-June-2018 Nepali

New Nepali Rock Pop Song "Timilai" by Arogya 2018 TIMILAI is a single from AROGYA'S Debut Self-Titled Album which is produced by Live & Loud Records in association with Fuzz Factory Productions and The Range Studio. This video production has an avant-garde concept for the love song, set in the future with Sci-fi theme depicting star-crossed lovers bounded by memories. The video concept tells a tale of 2 lovers, the female protagonist trying to bring back her love by installing memories of their romance in her lover turned cyborg. The band has adopted the Visual Kei style for this acclaimed music video making it a first in Nepali music genre. Timilai has become a hit song in Nepal within the month of release staying as No.1 hit for 3 weeks on Radio Kantipur.

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