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POLICE [ An underrated organization]

Shishir Chhetri

The idea of law includes fundamental rules of behavior for changing, clarifying with refining, and applying rules. Thus, it is a natural outcome if we people are to live together.

Law concerning to direct a society forward or backward has always been a hot topic, much more has been written and will still go on. There will always be a never-ending debate on how it should go but what’s rare to talk about and difficult is its implementation. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. They are to control and streamline the activities of people for the sake of civil society. And if not followed there arise chaos, crimes, violence and many more. So, for the enforcement of the law, a constituted organization has been formed ‘police’. One of the most unwritten and underrated organization.

Early probation officers were a heterogeneous group, including social workers, municipal workers detached from their usual job functions, and volunteers. It is believed there used to be prefects in Britain, guards were enforced to protect buildings, markets, etc. provided with wooden sticks. Later on, there were court bailiffs. In Africa, there was a trend of a secret society. Some of the police of that time were trained a priest to protect cultural sites and maintain peace. Later on, as the transition period took place there was a change in structure, policies in the recruitment process, physical appearance, symbolization, and much more collectively in the whole system. Then the transition period to modern reforms in the organization, that transfigured a society to a physically peaceful system. To obtain and keep public approval, the police officer must observe strict probity, an essential attitude to manifesting Peel’s vision that “the police force is the public and the public is the police force”.

With all the responsibilities in the shoulder and country in the heart the respect that law enforcement officers do not receive is something discouraging, underserving, and unfair. From the local issues and violence to national issues, from the dispute in the family to the foreign dispute from the animal brutality to murder cases and so many brutal cases, they had to be ready for any case. They’re risking their life and limb to protect our integrity and society.

People tend not to understand that there is a human inside the uniform with a police badge on their chest. Every day they go for a job with the hope that they will return safe and unharmed. They return hoping they will sleep without any abuse in mind from the public. And most often, when they do come home at the end of their shift, most want to take a long hot shower to wash the dirt. No, not so much the dirt of having to deal with the criminal element, but from the dirt thrown at them daily by groups and individuals belonging to groups. Their effort of trying to save someone’s family and trying to change the mind of criminals help them to have a proper and clean life. A constable or an officer more than 50 years old has to be in the hours of duty, hours in the field, and hours on-line. An officer is always under the limelight being watched and judged for everything you do. Be criticized for whatever decision you make, even when it’s right.

The organization of heroes who don’t even complain about the amount of their source, difficulties, and priorities. The pressure of not being to talk about everything that happens at work, not just due to confidentiality, but also because some things are just pretty horrific or deprived and you don’t want to bring that stuff to public and family. The off-duty hours are just as impacted by you being a cop because it changes you. Your life changes. Your personality changes. Your routine changes. Everything changes about you when you get into this job.

Very few of us in society will want to engage danger with no hesitation, just to serve others and to preserve life. Very few of us will run into a burning building or an active shooter scenario, in efforts to save the lives of citizens. They always know in the back of their head that unlike other jobs, they can get killed just for being who you are. Their family has to live with that too, that they may never see you ever again after the morning goodbye. They work for a cause not for applause. They will even fight after their death to god for another life just to serve the people and country. And that’s what a real hero does.


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